Manuscript Editing

The easier a manuscript is to read, the greater its impact on the reader.  When I edit a manuscript, I focus on three main features.  Most basically, I ensure that the writing is grammatically correct and that the scientific notation is consistent.  Attention to these details removes distractions for the reader and imparts a degree of professionalism to the work.  Secondly, I ensure that the writing clearly conveys the intended meaning, strengthening the arguments presented and removing ambiguities that could frustrate or confuse the reader.  Finally, I remain aware of the overall organization of the manuscript and may offer suggestions for presenting the material in a manner that both improves the flow and the impact of your work.  Of course, I am happy to tailor my critique to focus on only the features you are concerned about.

Unless you wish to make other arrangements, I provide my editing services via e-mail.  The easiest way for me to share my comments on your manuscript is using the Track Changes function of Microsoft Word, though I am also familiar with the comment functions of Adobe Acrobat and am willing to explore other options.  If you are working on a rapidly approaching deadline, please e-mail me first to check my availability.

Manuscript Composition

We all know what it feels like to stare at a blinking cursor on a blank page.  Writing is rarely easy -- especially that first sentence -- and it takes valuable time away from those tasks that drew you to research in the first place.  I can help!  Maybe you need me to take your data and ideas and organize them into a first draft for you.  Maybe you'd like me to carry the manuscript all the way through to a publishable product.  I'd be happy to explore the possibility of collaborating with you on your manuscript.