About Me

My two life-long passions have been writing and science.  MJS Editing, LLC was founded at the request of colleagues who wished to take advantage of my editorial assistance.  Clear and efficient communication of results and ideas is essential to the scientific endeavor, but spending time on writing takes valuable time away from the bench.  The goal of MJS Editing, LLC is to provide writing and editing services that ensure your manuscripts are of high quality while making your writing process less painful and time-consuming.

I completed my doctoral research in the Department of Neurology at the University of Chicago and received a PhD in genetics in 2009.  During my graduate career and subsequent postdoctoral work, I was frequently called upon to edit the manuscripts of my coworkers.  Prior to graduate school, I studied chemistry, with minors in biology and writing, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  I have had research experience in both academia and biotechnology, in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, neuroscience, and genetics.  My time in the Department of Neurology exposed me to writing in the medical field, as well as in basic research.